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Native Plant Societies 
of the Four Corners States

Colorado Native Plant Society

Native Plant Society of New Mexico

Arizona Native Plant Society

Utah Native Plant Society 


Flora and Tourism
WebSites for Colorado, New Mexico,
& Utah


"Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflower" app

Weber and Wittman's Catalog of Colorado Flora 
Rocky Mountain Herbarium

Checklist of Vascular Flora,
Yucca House National Monument

 Colorado State's Herbarium 

Colorado Rare Plants List

Colorado Botanists and Explorers

Eastern Colorado Wildflower Photos
Durango Wildflowers 
Front Range Wildflowers 
Wildflowers of Colorado 

Trees of Colorado

Insects that Feed on Colorado Trees and Shrubs

Aquatic Insects of Gunnison County

Bear Smart Durango 

Colorado Riparian Association 
Denver Botanic Gardens

Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

Colorado Natural Areas Program 
Colorado Natural Heritage Program

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Colorado Weed Management Association

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park 
Canyons of the Ancients National Monument
Mesa Verde National Park
San Juan National Forest

Cortez, Colorado    Durango, Colorado    
Rico, Colorado
      Telluride, Colorado 
Cortez Cultural Center
Southern Ute Indian Tribe 
Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe

Mesa Verde Country

Conservation Lands Foundation
Colorado Fourteeners Protection Initiative
San Juan Mountains Association
San Juan Mountain Studies Institute
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

Southwest Ultralight Backpacking

The Colorado Trail 
Durango Seniors Outdoors
The Nature Center at Butler Corner (Dolores)
Durango Nature Studies 

Kelly Place B&B, Archaeology, and Education Center

Crow Canyon Archaeology Center
Redwood Llama Wilderness Trips

The American Southwest (Extensive and excellent photographs and descriptive material on touring, wildflowers, where to stay, and what to see. Massive website.)

New Mexico

Wildflowers of New Mexico

Checklist of New Mexico Flora (by Kelly Allred)
 New Mexico Flora 
(Patrick Alexander's website) 
New Mexico Flores (Gene Jercinovic's website)
New Mexico Rare Plant Guide
Flora of Southwest New Mexico (Russ Kleinman's website)

New Mexico Thistle Guide

Native Plant Society of New Mexico 

Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Rio Grande Botanic Garden, Albuquerque

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Pajarito Environmental Ed. Center, Los Alamos

Farmington, New Mexico    Gallup, New Mexico



Vascular Plants of Arizona (Canotia)

Flora of Southwest Arizona

Sonoran Desert Naturalist
Southeast Arizona Wildflowers

Arizona Native Plant Society

University of Arizona Herbarium

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson 
Flagstaff Arboretum

Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

Southwest Desert Flora

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine 

Desert Tropicals

Canyon De Chelly National Monument
Navajo Indian Tribe 
Navajo Nation Tourism



Utah Native Plant Society 
Utah Rare Plants

Utah State University Herbarium

Range Plants of Utah

Red Butte Garden, U. of Utah, Salt Lake City

Capitol Reef Wildflowers
Wild Utah
Desert Plants of Utah 
Utah Wildflowers

Arches National Park 
Flower Guide to Arches National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Canyonlands Plant Checklist
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument 
Natural Bridges National Monument

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

Blanding, Utah

Bluff, Utah    Moab, Utah


Four Corners States Conservation
& Tourism

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance 
Colorado Environmental Coalition

San Juan Mountains Association
San Juan Citizens Alliance
Four Corners School of Outdoor Education
Grand Canyon Trust

Conservation Lands Foundation

Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program

The Nature Conservancy

The Wilderness Society

Four Corners States Tourism

See the Southwest

The American Southwest (Extensive and excellent photographs and descriptive material on touring, wildflowers, where to stay, and what to see. Massive website.)

National and International
and General Flora

Introduction to Botany, with Catherine Kleier of
Colorado's Regis College

Plants are Cool Too

Biota of North America Project 
Taxonomic Data Center
45 year project to give county by county records of all plants in the U.S. and Canada.  150,000 photographs, rarity status, keys, etc. 
BONAP is the most up to date authority for plant names
and plant distributions and is the ultimate
authority for plant names and distributions for this website.

Virtual Herbarium, New York Botanical Garden 
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Missouri Botanical Garden

World Flora

Wildflower Search Engine (Excellent information and photos for ~8,000 western flowers. For the lay wildflower lover and the avid botanist.) The Wildflower Search Engine website now also offers free wildflower apps for most U.S. states.

Flora of North America Database
Detailed keys to and description of all North American plants. Written by hundreds of botanists, each an expert on a family and/or genus. Search the FNA.

Botany, Canadian Journal of



American Journal of Botany

International Plant Names Index 
Harvard University Botanical Databases
Rocky Mountain Herbarium
USDA On-line Guide to U.S. Plants

International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (Shenzhen, 2018)

Phytoneuron: Reports on taxonomy, floristics, and geographic distribution of vascular plants

National Wetlands Plant List 

U.S. Corps of Topographical Engineers Documents
about the Exploration of the West

Kew Gardens Plant Information

Missouri Botanical Garden Botanical Papers

Invasive Species
USDA National Invasive Species Information 

Non-Native Species
Invasive Species Compendium
Invasive Species of the Southwest

Center for Invasive Species

United States Wildflower Websites

United States Wildflower Search. 8,000 Species

New England Flora Key    SUPERB Key

Alabama Flora

Alaska Wildflowers

Arizona Wildflowers, Southeast

California Flora  

Carolinas and Georgia Plants

Florida Wildflowers

Idaho Mountain Wildflowers

Illinois Wildflowers

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

Michigan Wildflowers 

Missouri Plants

Montana Plant Life and Wildflowers 

Mt. Rainier National Park, Flowers of 
Northwest Plants Database

Nevada Wildflowers

New Hampshire

New Mexico

New Mexico Plants: Gila Wilderness

Northwest Wildflowers

Ohio Wildflowers

Ozarks Wildflowers


Oregon Flora 

Oregon Flora Project
Oregon Flora Project Species Identification Tool

Pacific Northwest Ecology & Restoration

Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, Southern

Texas Wildflowers

Utah Wild Plants  

Washington, Eastern Flora

Wisconsin, Flora of

Wyoming, Teton Plants of

Glossaries and Dictionaries

Missouri Botanical Garden Botanical Research Glossary

Botanical Dictionary 

Pictured Interactive Biological Key

2018 Shenzhen International Code of Botanical Nomenclature Definition of Code Terms

A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets

Dictionary of Botanical Names 

Biology Dictionary

Botany Dictionary of Dave's Garden

Biographies of Botanists & Explorers

Biographical Dictionary    
Wikipedia Biographies of Botanists

Authors of Plant Names

Internet Directory for Botany

Virtual Library of Botany

Pictured Interactive Biological Key

Cryptantha Taxonomy and Images 

Wild Plants of Austria (A number of plants found in the Rocky Mountains also grow in Europe and Asia.)

Plants Conservation Alliance

Desert U.S.A. Wildflowers  

Native Thistles

New Mexico Thistle Guide
Native Trees of the Southern Rocky Mountains 
Tree Guide
National Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide

American Penstemon Society
North American Rock Garden Society
Rocky Mtn. Chapter of N. American Rock Garden
Cactus and Succulent Society
The Eriogonum Society
Purdue University Edible Wild Plants

Steven Foster's Medicinal Plants
Christopher Hobb's, Herbalist
Edible Wild Plants
Herbal Medicine Safety, Amer. Botanical Council

Southwest U.S. Indigenous Cuisine

Wayne's Natural History Trivia 
Scott's Botanical Links  
Botanical Information

Nature Serve

Native Plant Information Network
(Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center)

Forest Service: Celebrating Wildflowers 

Grand Canyon Trust 
Sierra Club
Wilderness Society
The Nature Conservancy 

Audubon Society
Center for Plant Conservation


Bug Guide

Bug, What's That

Butterflies of America

Butterflies of the World 

Butterflies and Moths of Colorado

Butterflies and Moths of North America


Pollination Ecology, Journal of

Pollinator Conservation and Plant Lists

Pollinator Partnership

Pollinators, Attracting

Pollinators, Celebrating Wildflowers

Pollinators, Plants for

Pollinators, Selecting plants for

Pollinators, U.S. Fish and Wildlife 

Pollination, Wikipedia


Botanical Supplies I Use

Click to see a bibliography of the books I rely on for plant identification and for much of the other information I present on this website.

Click for books about plants from a company that donates to Native Plant Societies.

Several years ago I made a wildflower app. I think you will enjoy using it. Click for "Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers".

Keeping Track of Your Naturalist Findings
Click for the Bird/Flora/Mammal Diary. Free 30 day trial.

Hand Lenses
Hand lenses are essential for identifying plants and they add to your enjoyment of the beauty and intricacy of plants.

I use a Belomo 10x hand lens

Click for a very nice (but less expensive) 10x hand lens equal in optics to the Belomo
and click for a nice, $5, easier to use hand lens for kids.

The Bausch and Lomb 10x triplet is also very good
and it is available from many on-line sources.

Click for other hand lenses

Field Gear

For superb day packs, my wife and I use Osprey Packs.

I shoot all my photographs with a Sony RX-10, which, although not an SLR, does give me full manual control, through-the-lens viewing, a macro down to one cm, and an excellent Zeiss lens. I highly recommend this camera.

I carry the camera on a harness system so it is comfortable to wear all day and at hand all the time.


I am happy to answer questions about any of the above products: email me.


Plants, Plant Products,
 and Plant Information from the
Western U.S.
and a few other places

Frog Hollow Brooms (Colorado product)

Purchase spices from The Spice House 

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center--Seed Suppliers

Purchase Native Seeds and Plants from the following businesses:

Cliffrose Nursery

Four Seasons Nursery

Granite Seed

High Country Gardens

Native American Seeds 

Native Seed Network, BLM
Plants of the Southwest

Pleasant Tree Farm

Prairie Moon  

Southwest Seed
(Superb seed company and my favorite.)

Trees of Trail Canyon
Excellent trees and shrubs, Cortez. CO

Western Native Seed 

Wild Seed Farms

Wildflower Farm