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Welcome to my beading pages.  

When I began quilting years ago I was fascinated by colors, textures, and patterns.  After a few years of quilting I took a beading class and quickly fell in love with this new medium.  Now I simply cannot put down my beading; ideas for new creations pour out of me.

I am fascinated with the numerous and diverse possibilities in beading and am excited about using my own designs for jewelry, wall hangings, ornaments, hat bands, and any objects or spaces that I can see enhanced by beautiful beadwork. I feel that my beadwork takes ordinary objects and makes them stand up and say, "Look at me; Iím different and very special".

My goal is to create the image that is in my head and make a new piece unique and my own.

I am particularly fascinated by the infinite possibilities of integrating colors, textures, and patterns to put together pieces that express my excitement and energy.

I hope you enjoy my work.
If you have any questions, please feel free to
email me.


Lizard Design Pen Holder

Beaded band around glass candle holder.


Beaded version of a Victorian lace collar.


Rings for Al, Betty, and company.


One of my designs for Al.



Here is Betty's beaded version of a
portion of a Frank Lloyd Wright  stained glass window. The beadwork hangs in our front door glass panel, is  5 by 55 inches, and contains over 30,000 beadss. Click to see Betty's quilt of the Wright window which was the inspiration for this beadwork






Wine charms, 
to help guests identify their wine glass.


Betty beaded the stethoscope of our good friend 
Dr. Dick Grossman one evening after dinner as we sat talking.



and butterfly
in front of
bathroom mirror.


Bead and wire wall hanging,
twelve inches wide
by twenty inches tall.

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