Eremogone eastwoodiae (Synonym: Eremogone kingii) (Sandwort)
Caryophyllaceae.   (Pink Family)

Semi-desert. Shrublands, openings. Spring.

Petals are white but floral parts impart a yellow hue to the flowers.  Eremogone eastwoodiae has an open spray of flowers rather than the close-packed flower clusters of the common Eremogone congesta; both species have long grass-like leaves; congesta grows at higher elevations.

Alice Eastwood was a highly respected southwest U.S. botanist, starting in Colorado and then spending over 50 years as the Director of the California Academy of Sciences herbarium.

The genus Eremogone was named in 1833 by Eduard Fenzl (1808-1879).

"Erem" is Greek for "a lonely place" or "desert", and "gon" is Greek for "seed"; the allusion is of unknown meaning. 

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