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Pedicularis parryi (Parry's Pedicularis, Alpine Pedicularis, Alpine Lousewort)
Orobanchaceae (Broomrape Family)

Subalpine, alpine. Woodlands, openings, meadows. Summer.

This delicate plant shows itself only at high elevations, most frequently above tree line. Like its lower elevation cousins, P. bracteosa and P. procera, P. parryi has light yellow beaked flowers and fern-like leaves. Notice that its leaves also resemble those of Elephant Heads, Pedicularis groenlandica.  This photo, taken at 12,000 feet, shows a Pedicularis parryi just four inches tall.

Parryi collected the first specimen of this plant for science in 1861 and Asa Gray described and named it in 1862.