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Lomatium parryi
Apiaceae (Parsley Family)

Semi-desert, foothills. Shrublands, canyons. Spring.

The umbel of golden yellow flowers might at first make us think this is Lomatium latilobum, or Cymopterus fendleri, or one of the other tiny members of the Parsley family, but note the distinguishing very finely cut, fern-like leaves and the red flower stems (especially visible in the next photograph).

Accurate identification of the several dozen species of Lomatium is, according to Intermountain Flora, "notoriously difficult....  Some species are highly variable...."   Both fruits and flowers are often necessary for identification.

"Loma" is Greek for "border" referring probably to the small border around the fruit. Charles Parry collected the first specimen of this plant in Utah probably in the 1870s.