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Rhodiola rhodantha  (Rose Crown, Queen's Crown)
Crassulaceae (Stonecrop Family)

Subalpine, alpine. Meadows, tundra, wetlands. Summer.

Rose Crown enjoys being in wet meadows with its flower cluster in a rounded column of deep to very light rose. Most often Rose Crown is found scattered in small clusters but it can occasionally be found in thick patches making its flowers even more vivid and noticeable.

"Clementsia" is for 20th century ecologist Frederick Clements who was, according to William A. Weber, the "originator of [the] plant succession concept". The plant was first collected for science by Charles Parry in Colorado in 1861 and was named Sedum rhodanthum by Asa Gray in 1862.  Joseph Rose renamed the plant Clementsia rhodantha in 1903. "Rhodantha" is Greek for "rose flower".