Arnica parryi (Arnica)
Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

Montane, subalpine. Woodland openings, meadows. Summer.

This rayless golden-flowered Arnica does not grow as densely as Arnica cordifolia and Arnica mollis but it often does grow in patches of many dozens of plants -- as well as in small scattered patches. It grows to about 20 inches tall, has nodding flower buds, clustered basal leaves, up to four pairs of shorter stem leaves, and the phyllaries(the cup-shaped enclosure below the golden flower shown in the next photo), are edged in purple.

This species was first collected by Charles Parry in Clear Creek, Colorado in the early 1860s and was named for Parry in 1864 by Asa Gray. 

(White flowering Pedicularis racemosa surrounds the Arnica parryi.)

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