This is a native species.

Lilium philadelphicum

Lilium philadelphicum variety andinum (Wood Lily)
Liliaceae (Lily Family)

Trail information withheld to protect the Wood Lilies.

This lovely Lily is rare in Colorado and New Mexico and does not exist in Utah and Arizona.  It was native through most of the north central and north eastern United States and much of Canada, but habitat destruction and collection has reduced its numbers dangerously.  It should thus be left alone if ever found.  

Lilium philadelphicum grows a foot or two tall and puts out a very large and graceful flower atop a slender stem.  Grasses and other greenery make it difficult to find Lilium philadelphicum when it is not in flower, and therefore searching for it almost inevitably leads to walking on it and destroying it.  

Linnaeus named this genus in 1753 and this species in 1762.  "Lilium" is the Latinized version of "Leirion", the classical Greek name for this genus. "Philadelphicum" honors Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from which area Linnaeus must have obtained his first specimens.  Meriwether Lewis and then Thomas Nuttall collected the first specimens from the West.

Lilium philadelphicum
Lilium philadelphicum
Lilium philadelphicum
Lilium philadelphicum
Lilium philadelphicum

Range map © John Kartesz,
Floristic Synthesis of North America

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